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Vegan Medjool Date Syrup with Pancakes


Breakfast + 454g of medjool dates + awesome friend = breakfast date

This was not just any breakfast, this was a breakfast filled with a special ingredient, natural delights medjool dates. These dates are so fresh and are the perfect way to start the day with a boost of potassium! Now this date wouldn’t be complete without my friend Liz, who created a delicious recipe for savoury and sweet scrambled eggs tossed with medjools. Be sure to pop by her site to see what’s cooking.




To accompany the delicious egg scramble I made a vegan medjool date syrup to top yummy vegan pancakes filled with medjools. The pancakes are super moist and need to cook a little longer on each side, but it is totally worth the wait.



I made my date syrup quite thick because I love the flavour of dates, so it was more like a spread. If you want your syrup to be more liquid just add more water.




The secret to a perfect pancake is a non-stick frying pan, and having the pan heated to a perfect temperature to flip some flapjacks. Once I had placed the batter into the pan I gently put 3 -4 slices of bananas on top. Since the pancakes have to cook longer, the bananas actually caramelized a little to add even more flavour to an already flavourful pancake.



Taking photos for this recipe post was so much fun, especially since I was with Liz, who gives great feedback and positive reinforcement that I am not crazy for moving the spoon 1 mm to the left for the absolutely perfect shot of food. These are a few snaps I took of her in action.





Now what are you waiting for, grab a friend and set a date to cook with delicious medjools!

Thanks so much for stopping by, until next recipe so long!





Vegan Chocolate Stout Milkshake


Vegan and milkshake didn’t always belong in a sentence together until this exact minute, where there is a photo of a milk-less shake in front of you and it can be yours in moments… well at least moments after making it yourself.

I love trying new beers, and I absolutely love when craft Ontario breweries create unique flavours and seasonals. When making vegan desserts coffee, and stout are the perfect way to add a unique flavour profile to make them taste extraordinary.


Taking photos of food should usually be quite easy since the subject matter doesn’t move. But because I move, and move everything around to get the perfect photo there are always spills. In this instance, as I was taking a photo of the stout, I happened to spill it, everywhere! Before hitting re-start and cleaning up I took this as an opportunity for a photo, and a story to share.



Don’t be scared off by the tofu, silken tofu has barely any flavour and absorbs the chocolate and stout flavour extraordinarily well.




Cheers to stopping by, I hope you enjoyed another recipe from my kitchen, what sort of things do you like to make with stout?






Trail Mix Cookies

Travelling is best way to find inspiration when it comes to photography and food. I always like to be prepared when I am about to hit the road! Snacks, drinks, a good playlist (or dj), and road trip games are what make being on the road a break from a normal day. It also gives me an excuse to feed people yummy things like these trail mix cookies.

I was recently in Chicago and had an amazing time, great food, great music, inspiring art, and absolutely stunning architecture. I only took a few snaps while strolling, but I thought I would share them with you.
Realistically, trail mix is the perfect in between snack that helps me to get by until the next meal. It also leads to several 1/8th full bags in my ingredient cabinet leaving me with the perfectly balanced add-ins for a cookie. These cookies are best if you make them a day in advance and freeze them overnight. They will be the most chewy and you will want to make them again!
What are your essential snacks on the road?
Thanks for passing through and hope to see you again soon!
Much love,
Anna oxoxoxo


Vegan Shortbread


Yes, 100% totally vegan shortbread is happening! I am currently eating the last few pieces as I type this. Shortbread is delicious without butter, it might even be better without butter. It might be difficult to compute that last sentence but I swear it’s true.

How to replace the butter? Grind cashews to form a butter and combine with coconut oil! Easy!




As you are aware, this edge of the internet is filled with mostly sweet things, that are usually vegan, and a place I share glances into my kitchen. Each glance is so different! Sometimes I am inspired by a close friend or family member, while other times it takes flipping through a beautiful recipe book. This post was inspired by my mom, a shortbread connoisseur. I wanted to make her the best shortbread and provide her with the recipe to make her own. Initially it wasn’t vegan but I took the challenge and the results were delicious.




I didn’t pierce or dock the shortbread. I tried in one of my earlier attempts and it didn’t look as pretty. Before baking this shortbread it’s more delicate and a crumbly mess was created when I did dock it.

To switch it up, you could dip in vegan friendly chocolate or add a little lemon zest. I love a simple shortbread because it is easy and if you want to add a flavour or to you can totally twist it up in a snap!



Hope you enjoyed this recipe! Thanks for poppin’ by and look forward to sharing more kitchen snippets.
Much love,
Anna xoxox

P.S> If you really love butter you can replace the coconut oil and cashew butter with 1 cup butter. But seriously, it’s worth trying it vegan at least once!





Citrus Salad with Spiced Honey

These last few weeks have been that time in winter when I want to enjoy the romance of the snow falling, but am struggling to do so. The holidays are over, but winter has stayed. Christmas and New Years make the snow and frigid cold totally acceptable, but what now? It is still cold, and snowing! I try day after day to romanticize about those snowflakes drifting through the air but recently those snowflake dances in my head have been halted by being chilled… all the time.

This salad is a plate of fresh reality. I have to embrace the cold, eat superfoods, and bundle up.
I also just started experimenting with backlight in my photos and absolutely love it, I love taking photos, and I am always hoping for a perfectly lit day so I can take photos of whatever I am making in my kitchen. The day I took these photos I totally lucked out with lighting, and love how the citrus salad looks! I had trouble resisting the urge to forgo photos and eat the food.
I hope that you are fighting this cold weather with delicious health food! The only way to get through the winter is by eating.

Thanks for stopping by, catch you later,
Anna xoxox


Easy Butter Crunch


This recipe has been passed down through generations in my family. One of those heirloom recipes that just screams nostalgia every time a bite is taken. Whenever I take a crunch into this candy I flashback to 8 year old Anna on Christmas at my Great Aunts house. The table was filled with homemade everything; sauces, breads, vegetables from the garden, cookies, and pretty much anything delicious you could imagine. After dinner was cleared there would be trays of treats, pies, and little bowls overflowing with easy butter crunch delicately placed around the house. Now, as an 8 year I was only allowed a certain number of candies, cookies, and squares. That didn’t stop me from sneaking to one of the tables with a bowl of easy butter crunch. It got easy once the adults retired to the sitting room and fell into deep conversation. This was when I ate my actual threshold of easy butter crunch.
Whenever I find myself re-creating this classic masterpiece, I always reflect and remember how much I admired my Great Aunt. She worked so hard to make the best meal for all the people she loved. Everyone attending these feasts would always go for seconds, or thirds, without even being asked because the food on the table was the most delicious.
Now it is my turn to keep this addictive treat in the family for generations to come, and the internet is a good spot for that! This recipe is EASY! it is only tough if you get frazzled when the butter looks a little wonky, or separates from the sugar. You just have to keep whisking, and remind yourself that it is a simple recipe and it will work out.
If you want to add some nuts to this crunch when you set aside your lined baking tray, fill the tray with about 1 cup of chopped peanuts, almonds, pecans, or cashews (whichever is your favourite!) and once the sugar mixture is cooked pour directly over the nuts, and continue following the recipe.
Is this recipe a classic among your family? What recipes does your family cherish?

Thanks so much for dropping by, I can’t wait to share more delicious recipes with you! Have a happy day:)
Much love,

Anna xoxoxo





Kale Salad with Blueberry Ginger Dressing

Recently my roommates and I have been purchasing a green bag that sources vegetables and fruits from local places, or at least as local as you can get in the winter. In our bag last week I found ginger, kale, and lemons which is perfect for a salad + dressing. Local green bags are totally worth investing in, you get veggies and fruits delivered straight to your door! No harvesting, no supermarkets, no lineups, just simply fresh, healthy, local food at your door, pure brilliance.
This salad and salad dressing are perfect together, a little zing from the ginger + lemon added to the sweetness of the honey and blueberries is perfect when added to kale. For best results, you will want to use good quality olive oil, if you have it on hand.

What are your favourite salads/dressings? Would love to hear your creative ideas!

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you soon!

Much Love,
Anna oxoxox


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